New Teddy Creed

“Attention world!” he bellows out.
“I have just what you need!
A teddy bear that will not pout-
A dominant, fuzzless breed.”

“It will not whimper, grin or blush,
nor sniffle its fluffness nose.
It know just when to shout or shush,
To break or keep repose.”

“He swore the recast Teddy Creed,
not to love and not to care,
not to ask and not to need,
yes solemn did soft Teddy swear.”

A boy in the crowd stopped to speak.
He fought the force of a teacher’s tug.
“That bear does seem a fuzzless freak.
What’s wrong with Teddy who can hug?”

-M Barlow 1981

Forever engrained in memory. 

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