Grace. This is Our Time.

Goal: A prayer to my younger self to be said each time I eat.

I eat this now to honor you, your pain, your survival skills your intelligence and your ability to continue being kind

Honour (名誉 meiyo)

You became me. I grew from you, from your ability to persist, your curiosity. You kept and gave me some great abilities.
You give me strength. Yes, you. You are now making your own decisions. Good ones. Kind choices.
In return, I honor you by feeding you, caring for you and animals. I will be strong and kind and wise because you helped build that.
I will do what I can. You did what you could. Today we are ok. We are more than ok. This is our time.
I will continue to ask what more you need. Whatever it is it will be good. I know it.
Thank you for persisting so we can bring some peace to our world. We do, you know.
Warmly, your present self.

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