This began as words to one person and I quickly realized it applies to many people I know in some way or another. Rough and not edited…

Normally “You” is avoided, as it can feel accusatory. Well, I’m accusing you here! You light up a room when you enter, whether you realize it or not. Though people have told you this before and you suspect it’s true, you don’t really believe it. Or don’t want to, as you don’t want that sort of attention. But your presence drives it.

You emit light. Motion stops around you. Or so it seems, as the focus becomes you and nothing else. Maybe it’s just what I see, but it has to be light bending.

The way you carry yourself is both humble and confident, sure and demure. There’s a certain care about every movement.

Your face shines with intelligence. Your kindness is palpable, enough existing for it to ripple through to other people multiple times. This is more true than you know, than you’ll ever be aware.

As smart as you are, you’re many times more wise. I don’t know you well enough to see the depth of this, but I feel it’s true.

What I do know is you are wonderful. That someone like you pays me attention, makes me feel wonderful and special. So thank you. Also likely is that everyone who meets you falls a bit in love, not matter who it is. This probably makes you a bit uncomfortable because, again – the attention. But how can we help it.

An interesting mix of strength and tenderness of confidence and humility. I wish for you whatever it is you need. I hope you are receiving it, dear one. If I can ever help, please ask.

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